Not all prices are listed below, some services you will need a custom quote

All of the services have a completion guarantee. If we cannot complete them then you can get your money back. 


Basic EIN Number Simplified Forms

Turn around time is about 5 minutes

You can use our simplified forms to have a pre-filled PDF document that is ready to be sent off to the IRS to obtain your EIN number. We are not actually filing with the IRS on your behalf we are just delivering the pre-filled PDF document. You would be responsible for all filings and actually obtaining or EIM number at your convenience.

Pre-Filled PDF form delivered by email in about 5 minutes.


Unlimited revisions to One Pre-Filled PDF form.


Pre-Filled PDF form delivered by email in about 5 minutes. Up to 5 forms.


Unlimited revisions to five Pre-Filled PDF forms.


Complete EIN Number Filing Service

Turn around time is 1-2 business days for the standard service

You can use our simplified forms to quickly identify which type of business entity you need to create for your EIN number. What’s your forms are filled out our specialists I’ll do all the work necessary to deliver you your EIN number within 1 to 2 business days.

After you get your EIN number you will still need to register your articles of incorporation with the state that you were doing business with before you can open up a business account. This is a service we provide you can see the pricing on the right side

Economy 3-5 Business Days


Standard 1-2 Business Days


Rush EIN Service, Same Day


Extra Rush EIN Service, 1 hour turn around


For all these services you can add state filing

$149 + state filings fees

EIN Number Plus Business Help

We help you get an EIN and get set up with the business essentials. 

These packages are designed for someone who has an idea in mind and wants help with the entire process from registering for EIN number all the way to the business is set up and able to take money and service customers. There are some extra fees that you will pay directly to the provider of the services, for example, Go Daddy for a domain name and hosting.

We are charging for the service to assist you in making the best selection for your business.


EIN Number, domain name and email setup.

Extra fees are paid directly to Godaddy for the domain name and hosting. 


Everything above plus a website

You are responsible for adding content to the website with GoDaddy’s website builder but it will be set up and ready for you.


Business coach consulting

We will answer any questions you have related to starting and running your business.

$109 per hour

The Business Mastermind Group

This mastermind group is designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs have a place where they can go to share ideas and get help with their problems. Our fee structure is suited to help small and medium sized business and you can cancel at any time.


Business Mastermind Group

Join our group of experts who regularly meet to improve their business.

Pay only for what you use.